Her last year of being a teenager

als-birthday-and-more-004.jpgToday is my baby sister Allison’s birthday and she is embarking on that ever-so-precious year of 19. For some reason, I never liked to tell people I was 19 – I always said I was 20 because it just sounded older. I didn’t like still being considered a teenager. But Al, all I can say is enjoy it! I can’t believe I’m not 19 anymore…sort of.So, to my sister on her banner birthday, I would like to dispense some sage advice. And as your older and much wiser sister, I’m sure these gems, nay, pearls of wisdom will ring true for years to come.

  • Plan a big trip with your best friends – my first big trip (translation – out of Utah) with my girlfriends was when I turned 19
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new – I auditioned for my first play (beyond high school) at 19
  • Set a goal to run your first 5K (I know you can do it!)
  • You are great at satire – keep writing and never stop
  • Study abroad – I was 19 when I went to Paris and all I can say is that you learn so much about yourself in a foreign country and it will be something you will look back on for years to come; DO IT!!
  • Never think you are not talented enough, not smart enough, or not pretty enough – you have all these and more in spades and the only reason why others would want to put you down is because they are jealous of what you are
  • Enjoy your family – even though we may bug the heck out of you at times, mainly because you’re the baby, we love you dearly and will be there forever for you
  • Plan early for your wedding next year since all of your older sisters got married at 20 – HA! Instead, plan to be addressing the 5th bullet I listed…

Love you, Allison!


One comment

  1. Allison · January 11, 2008

    Angie, you are an absolute gem of a sister–and your pearls of advice go along with it well. Really, I feel quite loved right now. Thank you!

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