Manchester City wins again

*brought over from my “other blog”

Yesterday was Caden’s third soccer game with his new competition team, Manchester City (it’s English – the asst coach is from England). It’s a lot of fun to watch these kids play because they are really starting to learn great skills – passing, running up the line while dribbling, and more accurate shots on goal. I like Caden playing with this group because it is definitely challenging him to be better. On all the other teams he has been on, he was typically what you might call the “best” kid – scored almost all the goals and sort of dominated the field. I would say that on his current team of 8 kids, he is in the bottom half skill level-wise. Of course, he is the youngest on his team by six months.

I’ve been trying to encourage Caden to push himself harder – for once in his life he is not the most aggressive kid on the team. He hangs back just a bit and I know part of that stems from the frustration he has that he is not the “go-to” kid. When he is not the best at something, he gets easily frustrated and doesn’t try as hard (something that drives me crazy). This team is a good opportunity for him to learn and grow and I’m trying my best to encourage him in that aspect. One thing he is very good at is accuracy of shooting on the goal – he knows how to aim. He scored a goal yesterday (he was close on two others) and a goal last week. It’s fun to watch him develop his atheletic skills in this “competitive” league (as competitive as 7-8 yr olds can get!).

Just as a side note, each week the team does something fun as sort of a unifier with the group. This week it was blue hair dye, last week it was bandanas, and the first week it was mohawks. What a great idea from the coach! It gets the kids psyched up for the game.



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