We are family

als-birthday-and-more-074.jpgI’ve got all my sisters and me. I was just thinking today how lucky I was to have such great sisters who love and support me…and who will let me relay all of my dating saga stories (and woes) to them with sympathetic ears. Each one of my sisters has unique talents and gifts that I feel I should share:

  • Natalie – bubbly, outgoing person for whom it seems everything comes easy. I remember watching her in high school and always admiring how self assured and at ease with herself she was; everybody loved being around her. Considering that her campaign slogan for her SBO bid was “PersoNatalie” – well, I think that about sums it up. She has a wry sense of humor and can talk about anything. In addition, she is an extremely loving and caring mother to her two kiddies.
  • Katie – the sister who often gets confused for me (blonde hair, tall). She has a tenaciousness about her that I envy at times; she is extremely competitive but is also one of the most sensitive and caring people I know. She also shares my love for shopping, probably something I instilled in her when I was in high school and she was younger (sorry, Dave, about that). I have not been surprised at all how wonderful a mother Katie has turned out to be with Sammy; she is a natural at it.
  • Allison a.k.a. Al – since she was a baby, I always looked after Al. I was 12 when she was born and she slept in my room (not exactly something you want when you’re that age). As a little kid, she was reserved but extremely imaginative – think making her fingers into her “friends”. Now that’s she almost 19, it’s fun to see how she’s grown. She is the only brown-eyed beauty in the family and has the oddest and yet most entertaining sense of humor you could ever imagine. Since she is my littlest sister, I feel somewhat highly protective of her. She is very thoughtful and pays attention to others needs almost scrupulously.

It’s wonderful to know that I get along so well with my sisters and that we enjoy spending time with each other the way that we do. While it’s sometimes surreal to see time march along and watch everyone grow up, have kids, and start careers, I still like to think we’re the same girls who would turn on ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” and dance our hearts out on the top deck at home.


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