It’s just another 365 days

als-birthday-and-more-077.jpgToday was my birthday – yes, I am 365 days older and can officially say I’m in my 30’s. Being 31 means I’m no longer just the borderline 30; I’m full fledged into the 30’s. And no big deal! I’ve always told friends and family that ribbed me last year about turning 30 that I was really looking forward to saying goodbye to my 20’s. Those years were very difficult yet very formative years for me. I learned a lot about myself and life and what I really wanted, but it is a time period I would never want to visit again.I think most people find their balance when they are in their 30’s anyway. For most of us, we find ourselves settled in our family life, career life, or personal life. I see more friends participating in hobbies that help define who they are or trying new things out because you realize that time is of the essence. Live life to the fullest, don’t miss out on any opportunity. And you typically aren’t looking for the peer validation you sometimes crave in your earlier years. You do activities/hobbies/whatever purely because you enjoy them. This is what seems to define most 30 something’s I know.

Of course, ask me how I feel about the 40’s when I am 39…I  may not be so chipper!



  1. the Mom · January 11, 2008

    Thirty-one Interesting an Amazing Facts about Angela:

    1. Ultrasound revealed that she was part of a twin pregnancy…unfortunately the other twin did not survive (disappearing twin syndrome).

    2. I was told she would be hydrocephalic. She was born with a normal size head (at least for our family; still considered extremely large in other circles).

    3. Because my pregnancy with Angie was filled with problems, every medical student and resident was brought in to examine me. Of course everyone was a friend, classmate or fraternity brother of FCB . The perfect opportunity to meet for the first time people who forever after will “never forget when I first met you”. I just kept the pillow over my head and was so glad when people came to visit who were more interested in my head than my other end.

    4. Her doctor grandfather was alarmed at her bilirubin (jaundice) level and her lack of weight gain—(she only weighed 13 pounds at age 6 months). He was worried that she would have some mental deficits.

    5. I knew from the minute I saw her that she would be amazing. From her first breath, she was breathtakingly beautiful and I knew if she was allowed to talk to me right then she would “ utter marvelous things”. At her birth she came “bathed in celestial light,….trailing clouds of glory from God who is our home” Heaven was about us during her infancy!

    6. Her Dad worked as the director of management and training at the hospital where she was born and was well known. It was amazing to see a person who never cared much for other babies, transform into Super Dad and carry his own child like a royal princess from floor to floor, introducing “the most amazing , beautiful, baby ever” to each hospital employee. They were all convinced he was right.

    7.She loved all books and would sit in her room for hours going through her books from the time she was one. The first book she memorized was “I Can Fly”. “ A bird can fly, so can I….”

    8. When she was less than two she carried a book to her Grandpa B and told him to “Think about it”. He always enjoyed telling this story.

    9. She locked me out of the house when she was 3. Grandpa T happened to call while I was still outside. Grandpa “ Where’s your Mom?” Angie “She’s outside”. Grandpa, “Go get her. “ Angie “ I can’t, Grandpa “Why not” Angie “She’s angry”.

    10. Grandpa T’s concern about possible brain damage was completely put to rest when she attended an office staff meeting at age 4.. He asked his little granddaughter “What do you think is the most important thing we need to discuss?” She said “I will write you a list”. She wrote a list of things, the first one being “You must be kind to sick people”.

    11. Angela is a problem solver. When her newborn brother Ben arrived on the scene and was getting a bit more attention than she felt he deserved, she took the opportunity to throw him off the front porch into the shrubbery. A kind neighbor witnessed the whole thing and retrieved Ben and returned him to his very startled and bewildered mother. (“Why is my neighbor at the door holding my newborn who is supposed to be asleep in his bassinet?”)

    12. She constantly pulled on Ben’s ears when he was a baby. She’s always had a “thing” for ears.

    13. She has an artistic eye. At age 3 she laid out nails in a geometric pattern on the floor that was incredible.

    14. She won several reflections contests for ART.

    15. She won a prize in the Days of 47 Art contest.

    16. She graduated from the University with an art degree.

    17. We have sculptures, paintings, pottery and photographs all demonstrating her visual talents and artistic eye.

    18. She also knows how to quilt. She inherits this talent from her grandmothers and great-grandmothers. Somehow skipped my generation.

    19. She has always been a writer. Her master’s degree involved A LOT of writing.

    20. She won awards for her writing in grade school. She works as a writer now.

    21. She wrote on walls in her formative years. Starting at preschool when her teacher told her to mark on a wall at home how tall she was so we could keep track of her growth. Ever the obedient child she took a black, permanent marker and proceeded to mark her height on the front entry way wall. Multiple coats of paint, sanding and special sealants eventually returned the entry way wall to an acceptable level. She then moved to the basement stair well and enlisted her siblings to create a graffiti wall that even now bleeds through the current paint job. In her bedroom she wrote tiny wishes and dreams all over the walls in faint penmanship. (You thought we didn’t know!)

    22. She won multiple spelling bees.
    23. She won the South Davis science fair.

    24. She wanted to be President of the United States

    25. She has the paternal side of the family’s shopping gene. If there’s a sale, she’s been there. Favorite phrase “I got this on sale at………”

    26. She is very generous and uses her shopping skills to benefit her nieces, nephews, family, friends and most of all Caden.

    27. She does however indulge her Imelda Marcos tendencies and never lets an interesting pair of shoes get left on the lonely store shelves.

    28. She could have been an internet travel broker. Loves to travel. Knows the deals.

    29. She’s a musician, (Suzuki graduate on the piano). Played the flute as well. Has a beautiful voice.

    30. She’s an athlete. Queen of the Net in volley ball, whose record for blocked shots stood for many years. She runs (see blog.) She played soccer, bonnet ball, kick ball..etc.

    31. She likes French things…except the ends of french fries.

    There are many more things, I know this is more than 31 already. She sets goals and achieves them. Does she like to win.?..oh yes. Does she deserve to win….you bet! But couple this with a heart that loves everyone, feels deeply and forgives the blackest of misdeeds, and you have some idea of what a really incredible person we’ve been fortunate enough to have in our family.

    Angel A, you are still trailing “clouds of glory”!

  2. Angie · January 11, 2008

    Aw, thanks Mommy! I’m somewhat embarrassed but also greatly flattered. I learned so many of my talents and skills from you!

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