Swib-a-diss Days

I went up over the mountain to attend Swiss Days in Midway for the first time in a few years. I used to work it for Artworks several years back when Gary and Chaton would have a booth. It was fun back then, I would dress up as a Swiss girl and whatever guy I was dating at the time got a kick out of the braids and skirt/suspender combo. Hmmm…I may have made a fetching Swiss Maid. 😉




Anyway, I figured I had some time to kill so I headed on up. Also, Brubakers were at their cabin and Caden and I were going to meet up with them at some point. Well, let’s just say that the first problem this year was the HEAT. Sheesh! Weather hovering near the mid 90’s is just wrong at this time of year and when you are packed in a crowd of hundreds of people…well, ewwwww. I don’t do well with crowds that are controlled or contained and this was just nuts.

The other thing I noticed is that so many of the booths had the same theme – wooden signs, wooden signs with metal plates, framed dried flowers, jewelry, and other very essential home decorating items (note my sarcasm). Nothing against these artisans. It looks like they work very hard at what they do, but not much that was on display looked like an original idea.

I got tired of the scene after an hour and a half and took Caden over to the Homestead to hang out on their shady, tree-covered lawn. We played catch and hung out while a band set up to perform a free concert. Afterwards, we connected with Miranda, Dave, and Mattie and headed over to the cabin for a few minutes while we waited for Cal and Tani to come up from the BYU game. Once they arrived, we headed over to Zermatt to enjoy a meal at Matty’s Bistro. Such good food! I just wish my stomach had been in more of a mood to eat…kind of been under the weather for the past few days…


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