Pillow talk


I love to sleep, to really have a good deep sleep where I lose all consciousness and I dream of incredibly amazing things that put movies to shame. I should sometimes log some of my dreams on here as they can be so vivid and feel so real I often find myself wondering if it just wasn’t something I experienced instead of conjured up in my sleepful state.

But before I can drift off to la-la-land, I need some essential things. First, clean, great smelling sheets. Second, darkness – I need to be enveloped in darkness to really have the kind of restful sleep you can enjoy. And last but not least, comfy pillows. I LOVE pillows and usually switch mine out every 18 months or so. Or more often than that if I find a good deal on a down pillow.

I just bought a couple of new pillows at Nordstrom Rack and they make me never want to leave my bed. They are comprised of just the right balance of squishy softness and firm enough density that I have the support I need. I like to mold them, squash them, push them around and stomp on them. Okay, I don’t stomp on them but I squeeze ’em just the same. They make bed time even more inviting and their newness is something of a comfort to me.

Ah, how I love my pillows! When I did the race in Oregon last week, I was lamenting the fact that I didn’t have my favorite pillow with me in the van to rest my weary head. I guess you could say pillows are my safety blanket, but softer and with better wear and easily replaceable. They make the night a little more bright – er, sort of.

Want more info on what pillows work for you? Check out this CBS news report for more fun info.


One comment

  1. Allison · September 2, 2007

    Look at you–like a cross between Linus and Katie Couric.

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