Friends + Cake = Party at Cherry Hill

*brought over from my “other blog”

Caden begged me for several months to have a birthday party this year as last year we were up at our cabin and I didn’t have time to organize one. So I promised him that yes, this year I would throw a birthday party for him. I told  him he could only invite just a few friends (easier for me to manage) but as he is on a soccer team, it ended up being most of those kids anyway.

So I decided that an easy way to take care of the birthday party was to take them someplace where I didn’t have to do all the entertaining. Hmmm, what’s close to my house, something kids would love to do, and is relatively cheap entertainment? Cherry Hill of course!

We had Caden’s friends meet at my mom’s house since most of them live in Bountiful anyway. Thankfully,  one of Caden’s friends, Chris, had an older sister, Emmy, who was so sweet and volunteered to come and help with the party. She drove the Suburban which was great for the kids as they all got to ride together. Emmy, you were a life saver!!

After 4:30 p.m., it is only $9 for a Splash Pass which is a great deal for parties, let me tell you. The kids had fun running around the water area (which isn’t that big so I could keep track of them) and chasing each other down the rapid tube ride. I invited Natalie to bring Annie up as well as I thought she would enjoy being in the water – and she did.

Overall, it was a fun time. The kids were good, they had a lot of fun, and I didn’t have to clean any messes up. That is the best birthday gift to me!



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