I can’t believe he’s 7!

*brought over from my “other blog”

Today is my favorite person’s birthday. Although he’s only been in my life for a short 7 years, I’ve known him forever and can’t put into words how much I love him. Not a day goes by that I don’t marvel at something he does or says – or used to do or say. So here are a few Cadenisms to celebrate his turning 7:

  • He loves the color green
  • He would like to play the following sports ALL the time (I know this because he ASKS all the time): soccer, baseball, football, tennis, hockey, golf, karate
  • “Mom, I can see your blood vines. My blood vines like to stay inside my body – yours creep me out.”
  • He’s a snuggler – loves to hold my arm
  • He has great leadership qualities (that are still developing a certain diplomacy)- his friends often find themselves doing what Caden wants to do
  • He likes everything that has to do with Elvis Presley
  • He loves to sing although when asked to do so, he gets a little shy
  • He makes friends so easily
  • He would probably starve if Chicken Nuggets did not exist on this earth
  • His favorite snack is steamed broccoli with cheese on top
  • He’s a good reader and likes to be challenged to read something very hard
  • He makes the sun shine everyday for me

I love you, buddy!! Happy Birthday!


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