Sunday happy Sunday

*brought over from my “other blog” 

Every Sunday our family gets together for dinner at my parents house. This is always one of the highlights of my week as I get to visit with all my siblings, enjoy my nieces and nephew, and engage in the witty banter that envelopes our conversations each week after dinner (and sometimes during). I’ve always said that I enjoy my brothers and sisters (in-laws included here) as we all get along so well and spend time when we can doing fun activities as a family. I feel lucky and blessed to be so close to them all…and that none of them are psychotic in any fashion…that…I know…of…hmmmmm, Dave? 🙂 Just joshing you.

Today we had the whole fam-damily gathered for the first time since Samantha came home from the hospital. It seemed to me that we were all relaxed, enthused, and in quite the jovial mood considering the situation. We ended up chatting longer than usual after dinner, took Annie and Ella into the other room to dance to “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin” by the Scissor Sisters, “California Girls” by the Beach Boys, and “Waterloo” by ABBA, and we just generally all enjoyed each other’s company for an evening. Lisa was there with her kids before heading off back to Nevada so she got to see Logan and Sammy and laugh at the comparison of the two (see pics below).

All in all, what a great day – so nice to feel complete with nobody missing from the scene. This is what heaven is, I imagine.






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