Enchanting tale

I love a good fantasy – perhaps because I create them on a daily basis (I told you I’m a habitual daydreamer). Last night I went to see a fantastically fun movie, Stardust, with Caden, Tani, and Mattie. I had heard several different reviews of this movie, some comparing it to The Princess Bride and others saying it had comedy like Monty Python.

I’m not sure if I would categorize it as comedy similar to MP, but it is definitely Princess Bride-esque, with some very appealing comedy (think Robert de Niro in a tutu). It has classic story elements that work so well together: innocence, bravery, true love, adventure, knavery, and a quest. A quest to retrieve a fallen star from the sky which will bring eternal youth to a group of three witches, a chance at a crown and everlasting life to a trio of conniving princes, and the possibility to win the heart of a pretty girl for a young man. Plus a magnificent score accompanied the film to add to the escapades and whimsy.

I don’t want to give anymore away as you should just go see it. I really enjoyed it and found the scenes where the “star” glows brightest enchantingly engaging. I would like to think we all glow brightest when we are happy and in love. Claire Danes is incredibly beautiful, Charlie Cox who plays Tristan is très beau, and Michelle Pfeiffer – well, all I can say is that this is her year, what with her turn in Hairspray (also good, go see it) and then this film…she’s amazing…and stunning.


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