Getting our buzz on with the Bees

dsc01229.jpgLast night Caden and I went with my Dad to the Bees baseball game as part of his Kiwanis Club group. We enjoyed a dinner beforehand and also a few footraces to win some dough. If you participated in a race (and when I use the term “race”, it was more like a 10 meter sprint) you received $1 and if you won, you earned $5. They broke up the heats into different age groups and Caden participated in the 6-10 yr old heat. Before he went over to the starting line, I told him “If you win, you get $5.” His eyes grew wide. “Really? I get $5 dollars?” “Yes, if you win. So when they say “Ready, Set, Go!”, you just run as fast as you can and don’t look back.” “Okay, Mom.”I watched from a ways off just to not make him nervous but he lined up with about 9 other  kids and as soon as the race director said “Go!”, Caden was off and running. And he won! He walked proudly up with his hand out while the RD counted five crisp $1 bills into his waiting palm. He walked over as we all clapped for him at our table and he said, “Mom, I can add another $5 to my mission fund!” Such a good kid…

The game was fun with a much needed home run in the 8th inning by the Bees. They won 7-3 and it was a fairly good game to be at. There was a small group of hecklers a couple of rows ahead of us and it made my Dad and me think fondly of Dave. Ah, how we could have used him to heckle the Portland Beavers.

As I sat there and looked out across the field and up over the fences towards the Wasatch Mountains, I thought that we must have one of the most amazing views from a baseball field in the country. Incredibly beautiful and scenic. I took Caden to the Padres game in San Diego when we were there in May and although the stadium itself (Petco Park) is beautiful (and huge – so monstrous it’s ridiculous), there wasn’t much of a view. No serene mountains lining the dusky sky backdrop. Yet baseball is still a great American pastime no matter what the setting. But I do prefer the view looking East.



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