High times at Galoon

Yesterday I got to reap the benefits of having a sister-in-law who works for LHM by enjoying a cheap day at Lagoon or Galoon as we like to call it in our family. Yes, instead of paying a tidy $38 something or other at this family friendly amusement park, I paid the outrageous sum of $9 a person for Caden and me. And let’s just say that it was a fair sum to pay for the experience. Can we say ‘crowd control’?

We had fun, rode the new ride Wicked which is fantastic fun (I never thought I would enjoy a barrel roll so much), and spent a couple of rides on one of our family favorites Turn of the Century (see pics below). Ben, Caden, and I were together for most of the day and Caden was reluctant to go on the Big Kid rides but once he did, we couldn’t get him off. His favorite rides are the Wild Mouse, Colossus, and Wicked.

“Mom, that seriously was enough to make my stomach go to my head! Can we do it again?”


dsc01219.jpg dsc01222.jpg


One comment

  1. matt · August 14, 2007

    who’s that big guy in the swing wearing sun glasses? he looks familiar but I can’t place him. Almost like someone I haven’t seen in a long time. 😉

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