Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone – so she’s coming home!


 *brought over from my “other blog”

Well, after three weeks of life and spending the entirety of it in the ICU, little Samantha Demcak may finally be coming home tomorrow. Dave and Katie got the news today that she’s doing well enough to finally be released “into their custody” (haha). Needless to say they are both thrilled and hoping that the next 18 hours or so go well so that by tomorrow evening she will be at home with her mommy and daddy.

I was up there a couple of days ago to visit, hold, and adore her. She can’t help but be so loveable with her sweet bow-tied mouth and softly rounded cheeks. One reason why it will be fun to get her out of there is that we can finally put the two newest additions to our family side by side and laugh at the comparison. Logan is three weeks older and already twice as big as Sam. But of course he does have the Campbell testosterone running through his genes so in about another three weeks he’ll be doing pushups one-armed. Sammmy is just as delicate as can be – so feminine and dainty in every way, shape and form. I can’t wait to see them put together.

I know Dave and Katie have been extremely grateful for prayers and thoughts on their behalf and now the blessing of being a family at home looks like it’s finally becoming a reality. Look for more pics coming soon on the grand homecoming and all the Brewster grand-kiddies in a row.


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