Paying homage to the deep discount


I love to shop. Yes, I’m sure this is groundbreaking news to my family (HA!) but I love to go out and find a great deal – or find it online. I have several sites I check frequently for discount codes on some of my favorite sites and I used to have a cousin who worked at GAP headquarters and would send us Family & Friends discount cards. When Elise left to raise her family, I admit it was a dark day for me. Alas, there went my extra 30% discount that I so enjoyed and relied upon every 6 months or so.

But a light broke through this past week as my youngest sister, Allison, received a Friends & Family discount card to the GAP from one of her co-workers who couldn’t use it. Al, being the smart and wonderfully intelligent girl she is, promptly gave it to a sister whom she knew would find great joy in the savings it would bring. So thank heavens for discounts because I finished up my school shopping for Caden and found a couple of items for myself that I could justify as with the sale price and the additional discount, I couldn’t pass up the deal.

So while I enjoyed being able to reap the benefits this exclusive club brings from time to time, it was only fleeting. I need to find a permanent solution to get my F&F fix! But until then, cheers to the deep discount. May it live forever in my heart and in my wallet.



  1. I can see now what a mistake it was to give you that card. I knew you’d enjoy it, but I didn’t think you’d love it so much as to take a PICTURE of it and post it on your Web site! You don’t even have a picture of ME on here! Well, I’m glad I could make your 30% off shopping dreams come true…

  2. yeeeep…

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