Drawing back the curtain

rb.jpgYesterday I took Caden up to the Utah Museum of Fine Arts as they have a wonderful exhibit on Robert Sabuda. In case you don’t know him, he is a fantastic artist especially when it comes to the art of the pop-up book. Caden loves his books (Castles and Pre-historic Creatures  are two of his favorites) and I thought it would be a treat to see up close how he makes the art “pop”.After walking through the exhibit, I decided to take Caden over to the Art & Architecture Building where I studied for my undergrad. It was almost surreal walking through those doors and I automatically began to climb the stairs to the third floor where I spent most of my life for three years. The smell of the building still gets to me – it reeks of creativity, plaster, and linseed oil. I desperately wanted to hole up in one of the classrooms, grab an easel and workbench, and then spend the next 3-4 hours drawing a model or working on a watercolor.

I realized that I am hungry for the type of stimulation I received at school. I enjoyed my classes even if I didn’t necessarily like my professors. My favorites included Figure Drawing, Oil, Letterpress, and Photography. The tactile nature of art is therapeutic; no one can deny that actively engaging your body with your mind doesn’t do something for the soul. As I wandered along the hallways in each floor, I longingly glanced in doorways and stared in on classes in session wishing I could somehow just sneak in and take up a spot.

I think I need to sign up for an art class…


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