Each day a little bit better


*brought over from my “other blog” 

Little Samantha is making more and more progress every day. Her bilirubin levels went up so she is sporting a lovely pair of goggles over her tiny head that look strikingly similar to ski goggles (I’m sure her dad is thrilled to see her already getting suited up to ski).

She had an IV removed the other day as her cultures came back and were negative so that was a step in the right direction. She still has a rather large blood test that they will be conducting – they had to take 10 cc’s out of her tiny body which is quite a lot. They drew 4 cc’s Monday and the rest yesterday. I was with Katie by her bed when they came by to get the rest and we had to walk away as it’s too hard to see that happen to the tiny girl.

She still has the softest cry you’ve ever heard and these long delicate fingers. The swelling in her head has gone down which is a welcome relief. And due to that, she will no longer need to have a CT scan. Instead, they will do a head ultrasound on Friday to see how her ventricles look.

One thing that is still a concern, her heart rate will drop several times during the day. Most of the time she is able to bring it back up on her own, but occasionally she needs to be stimulated by a nurse or one of us that is by her side. They did an EEG on her Monday to see if perhaps she was suffering from mini seizures and if that was the cause of her heart issues. But the results came back and it looked like she isn’t suffering from that which was great. So now they are wondering if perhaps it might be reflux.

She’s amazing though, and making great strides. From where we were a few days ago to now, our family is greatly encouraged by her condition.


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