A bit in the pink

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I spent a couple of hours up at Primary Children’s Hospital with Katie and Dave yesterday, to visit with them and spend some time with little Samantha. She is looking much better – pinker and with a more peaceful demeanor than she had the day she was born. It still is heartwrenching to see her hooked up to so many wires and tubes, but they are all necessary as they are monitoring her progress and giving the medication she needs to ward off any infection.

The good news is that the bleeding in her brain stopped and now it is a waiting game. I had researched online several different articles, blogs, and sites related to brain hemorrhaging in newborns and came with a bunch of questions for Sam’s nurses yesterday. I asked if her bleed had been categorized as a I, II, III, or IV and her nurse Rachel said that her bleed was different from an Interventricular Hemorrhage which is categorized. Sammy suffered from a cranial bleed that went into her ventricles, not one that started from within. So there was no categorization. From her response, I took it to mean that this type of bleed was less problematic than an IVH. But perhaps it is only my hope and wishes that it is so. In either case, any type of pressure on the brain is scary but Sam seems to be doing really well.

Samantha will have additional testing on Monday to check her progress. They have been taking a lot of blood out of that tiny little body to prepare for the testing on Monday. She will also undergo an additional CT to check the status of the blood in her ventricles. Since we have a history of bloodclotting in our family, they are monitoring her and have given her FFP (fresh frozen plasma) to combat any issues.

I got to hold her for a little bit and she is just the prettiest, daintiest baby you have ever seen. She has long eyelashes and the softest cry that just endears you to her forever. Already she loves to be cuddled and she will not suffer from a lack of people that wish to hold her. If all goes well, she will be out of the NICU within a week. She’s a strong little baby and she is making steady progress.


One comment

  1. Matt · January 10, 2008

    We’ll be praying for her. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.

    Our thoughts are with you guys. Please pass along our love.

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