Pray for my niece


*brought over from my “other blog”

Samantha Joy Demcak was born this morning at 6:16 a.m., weighing 6 lbs 10 oz and measuring 18 1/2″ long. She is beautiful with a sweet little mouth and a shocking amount of dark hair. I spent a good three hours just holding, observing, and loving immediately that tiny sweetheart. I’ve never seen my sister and brother-in-law so happy and they are absolutely thrilled to be new parents.

However, later this afternoon, little Samantha began to turn blue and a CT scan had to be performed to check and see what the issue was. It was soon diagnosed that she has bleeding on the brain and was immediately transferred up to Primary Children’s Hospital for further scrutiny and closer observation. We are told that her vitals are good, that she is strong and doing well so far. Yet this is a terrifying time and one in which I want to whisk my sister away from and put her back into the blissful state of new parenthood.

As I sit in my kitchen right now, I am overwhelmed with a feeling of desperation and anxious hope that all will turn out okay for Sam. I can barely read what I write through the tears of frustration at feeling helpless and wanting to take control of a situation that is so clearly out of my control. All I can do is pray – pray that this bleeding is not significant, that it will not cause her serious health problems, and that she will recover to grow up to be the beautiful young woman she was always meant to be.

If anybody comes across this and takes a moment to read, please say a quick prayer in your heart for Samantha. I know I will be on my knees all night long.


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