And then you take a cookie cutter

Last night I had to demonstrate in front of my church group what you can do with the letter W. We were having a night of A-Z projects or ideas and you had 90 seconds in which to share your letter. Now, I’ve done several presentations in front of a large group of people where I had to spend the good part of an hour discussing topics that could sometimes stretch beyond my reach. But here I was in front of around 40 women and suddenly I could hardly keep my hands from shaking.

Good grief! What was wrong with me? I don’t know if it’s because these are closer peers – women who run their small corporations with diminuitive workers from inside the padded halls of their comfy businesses.  They deal with sticky situations on a daily basis, negotiate treaties between discomfited parties, and rarely take a break. And I feel like I miss out on that experience as I deal with adults in “real world” situations. I don’t know…that could be it.

In any case, back to what I displayed for W.

Watermelon cookies

  • round slices of watermelon
  • plain, vanilla, or lemon yogurt
  • cookie cutter
  • granola, mini M&M’s

Cut cookie shapes out of the round slices of watermelon (I used a gingerbread cookie cutter). Frost with yogurt. Decorate with granola or mini M&M’s or whatever your little heart desires.


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