Grateful for the little things

*brought over from my “other blog” 

I had been without air conditioning during a streak of unbearable dry heat – several days consistently over 100 degrees. As I sat melting in my home everyday, calling my HOA (still under warranty), leaving voicemail after voicemail on Comfort Solutions mailbox, I tried to find the good side of the situation and all I came up with is that maybe there might be some water weight loss because I was constantly glistening.

But cool air – oh! How I LOVE the cool air that I enjoy now. I’ve felt like kissing the air grates around my house and inviting strangers in to bask in the icehouse I am now creating since it was fixed yesterday. I can finally sleep through a night without having a blanket of oppressive hot air replace my duvet. A freshly cooled house made me think about all the little things I’m grateful for that might be random, insignificant items nobody ever thinks about:

  • that little slider cutter on saran wrap boxes instead of jaggedy sharp claws that tear your skin
  • crushed ice
  • little red tags on plastic wrapped items that make them so easy to open
  • those plastic clips to help keep my chips fresh in an open bag
  • Downey softener (ooooh, feels so good on my skin)
  • post-it notes in multi-colored packs and so many sizes
  • mini M&M’s (feel less guilty eating chocolate because they’re so small)

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