Good times at Powell

What would summer be without a trip to Powell? Especially when it’s packed with 68 singles, two houseboats, 7 ski boats, a jet ski, a water weanie, and our very own DJ every night. I spent four days down there with some of the best people I know, getting to mingle and talk until the wee hours of the morning.

There is nothing like water at 4 a.m. in the morning on Powell – the sun is cresting over the red sandstone cliffs, the pink of dawn turning into a cheery orange morning glow, and a bright red helmet to protect your head when taking on a serious wake.

My favorite thing to do at Powell is surf behind my friend Jeremy’s boat. Seriously, it is one the greatest thrills you can experience and I haven’t met anybody who doesn’t just love it. Although this year I did have a bit of a mishap the last day of surfing. I had been up a couple of times and was getting ready to pop up again – I slid my ankle on the backside of the board right as the boat started to take off and when I tried to move it forward and stand up, POP! Holy cow, pain just radiated through my knee and I was legitimately scared. I couldn’t swim to the surf board and everyone on the boat could see I was hurt. Jer circled back around and Gary and Rollin pulled me into the boat. I was so bummed but I wasn’t about to let it ruin the last night of frivolity at Powell.

Thankfully, we had a few nurses down amongst us with ace bandages so I was able to get my knee somewhat stabilized. We also had a pharmaceutical rep there so I was taken care of pain-wise, if you know what I mean. Roger, you will always be my Candy Man. 🙂 In any case, I enjoyed the last night of dancing on the beach hopping on one leg.

One of the best rewards from Powell was the chance to make some new single girl friends as all of mine I currently see and talk to from time to time are married. I have other friends from high school or college that aren’t married but it is so rare that I get to see them. This group of girls – Becky, Lorna, Kristeen, Cassie, Megan – are wonderful, intelligent women that I hope to spend more time with on into the future. Our Girls Club rocks!

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