Kickin’ it in San Diego

Caden playing in the surf at Oceanside

I have been buried under work for so long ever since the start of a certain project so I had been planning a vacation getaway with Caden for quite some time. I picked San Diego as the location of choice because a) it was a beach town and b) near to several amusement parks we love to frequent (namely Disneyland).

We flew down on JetBlue (which happens to be my favorite air carrier – the first 9 rows of seats have more room, just a tip) into Long Beach. Yes, not quite San Diego and a good hour and a half drive, but the airfare was incredibly cheap and with gas prices as high as they are, the best route to take. I rented a car through Enterprise and since it was a busy weekend, being Memorial Day and all, they were running out of cars and would I mind renting the Mini Cooper since it was just my son and me? Hmmm, let me think about that – No! What a great fun little car that was, let me tell you. I would buy one after driving it for the past 5 days. And the best feature was that it came with GPS so it quickly got it from the airport to the condo, up to Legoland, down to Coronado, and of course to In-N-Out Burger.

I rented a condo right on the beach in Oceanside and it was fabulous. I found it through VRBO and the couple who owns it had just renovated it – new granite countertops, new carpet, new furniture, new bath, and the heavenly needed washer and dryer. Ten steps out the door and we were on the Oceanside Pier which we often walked down to have French Toast for breakfast in the little cafe.

san-diego-07008.jpgThe best part of the trip was spending so much time with Caden, especially at the beach where he loved to frolick in the sand. Kids can frolick; adults just meander. We found nearly 20 sand dollars on Coronado Island which were a riot to dig into the sand for. You had to wade into the water until it was past your knees and then wait for the tide to go out and look quickly down before the waves came crashing in again. There were no perfect sand dollars higher up on the beach; you had to be in the ocean to find the treasure.

Overall, it was such a fun trip. Caden loved it and I loved the fact that I didn’t have to spend hours driving in a car to get there. I would make going down there at this time an annual event if I could…well, maybe I will.

san-diego-07019.jpg    san-diego-07021.jpg



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